Best Vlogging Camera Under 100


New vloggers always have had problems with their first vlogging camera. A decent camera was too expensive for their budget, and those which were affordable were almost useless. Keep in mind that the video quality is essential for a decent, popular vlog! Now, the situation is completely different. These 5 models are more than just capable of meeting all the requirements. Here is the best vlogging camera under $100.

Sony Cyber-Shot DSCW810 20.1MP Digital Camera

This is the best cheap vlogging camera and that’s all you have to know. First of all, this is practical and useful camera. It is developed and made to be functional and to provide great videos. As such, it comes with 20.1MP HAD CCD sensor of the latest generation. Recording in 720p resolution is more than just possible.

Other features include panorama mode (360-degrees), convenient USB port and image stabilization which is, by the way, the main reason why this model is on first place. 6-times optical zoom and simple menu are useful additions. Let’s not forget about Party Mode, which mix and matches ISO settings and flash feature. And yes, frames and effects are available as well.


· Great value for money

· Panorama mode is superb

· Image stabilization reduces blur

· Party Mode

· Small and compact


· Memory card tray is an issue

· Customer support

Nikon COOLPIX L32 Digital Camera with 5x Wide-Angle NIKKOR Zoom Lens

Perhaps it doesn’t look like a vlogging camera, but COOLPIX L32 is highly appreciated by the vloggers. As a matter of fact, it is the best vlogging camera under $100 for many vloggers all around the globe. The main difference, or better said the advantage is in the size and practicality. This is small, powerful and well-designed camera suitable for users who need fast and easy-to-use camera every day. In other words, this is the main reason why it is so appealing to vloggers.

It is a cheap vlogging camera as well if we consider the specifications. It comes with the 5x wide-angle lens, it is capable of recording in 720p and it runs on standard AA batteries. What we have liked even more is the display of 3 inches. In essence, the display is a high-end component which is better than some equivalent models have.


· Compact

· Modern

· Display

· Wide-lens


· Lack of image stabilization

· For beginners only

Digital Camera Camcorder Full HD Digital Video Camcorder

Straightaway, we must say that this is the best vlogging camera and the most original one. The difference is in the display, which is partially attached to the main body of the camera, so it can be fully rotated for 180 degrees. This makes use simpler and also allows for the users, or better said bloggers to take selfie photos. Recordings will be saved in 1080p, while photos have a 24MP resolution.

Another, extraordinary fact to know is in the lens. There are the 52mm lens and a wide-angle one, which transforms the camera into something even better. In essence, the specifications are decent, quality is good and all additions are supported. This unit supports memory card with a capacity of up to 32GB. This is one of a kind camera in this and even in a higher price range available right now!


· Night mode

· 1080p resolution

· Display can be rotated for 180 degrees

· Original design

· Dual-lens compatibility


· Doesn’t support external mic

· Menu is confusing

· Lack of remote

Nikon COOLPIX S2900 Digital Camera

This unit will definitely serve well all vloggers. It comes with the 20MP sensor, NIKKOR optical zoom (5x) and all of this is packaged in a great case. For most users, this is the best vlogging camera under $100 due to the overall quality. The case is strong and looks firm. All elements are well-made, meaning that there is no weak spots on the camera.

Additionally, this unit offers a variety of effects, long battery life and it is capable of recording HD videos. In a nutshell, it is more than just suitable for vloggers who are looking for a durable and reliable camera to use until they are ready to move on the price range ladder. In a simple word, this is a good vlogging camera.


· NIKKOR zoom

· 20MP sensor

· High level of quality

· Looks modern and appealing


· Lack of manual

· Complicated to use

Canon PowerShot A2500 16MP Digital Camera

This is probably the best camera for YouTube. It provides a 16MP resolution, can record in 720p and it is loaded with additional options. What’s more, there are 32 settings which are paired with an algorithm, therefore the camera will always choose the most suitable one and literally make recordings better. 5 times zoom and Eco mode are interesting additions. Photo and video quality is worthy of the Canon name, so there are no issues here.

In this price range, this is one of the best cameras for vlogging which is currently desirable and popular among beginners and intermediate vloggers. It has more pros than cons, so it is a safe buy. We should add that the battery life is 220 photos. In addition, this unit comes without USB cable in the package. Other than that, there are no issues we would report. So, the bottom line is vloggers get a decent camera, with all what is essential when it comes to vlogging and they should be more than just satisfied, even after a long period of use.


· Value for money

· 5 times zoom

· Long battery life

· Easy to use and practical


· 16MP only

· Lack of user manual


If you are looking for a vlogging camera which is cheap, yet sufficient when it comes to providing photos and videos for your blog/vlog, these 5 models are more than just recommended. The best camera for vlogging is the one which matches your requirements. Chances are high that all models here will do that, but Sony is still our main choice. It has it all and it is still affordable. Vloggers who are looking for something else, something different will appreciate the third model on the list.