Best Cheap Vlogging Camera According To The Price

We all know what vlogging is. Basically, you will have a website loaded with your videos which will help visitors and get you much-needed traffic. Due to the fact users nowadays prefer videos than any other type of content, it is easy to understand why vlogging is so popular. In order to start with it, you will need a website (vlog) and a camera. Here we are focused on finding a cheap vlogging camera.

A while back, you would need hundreds of dollars to get a decent vlogging camera which would be perfect for the job. Now, the situation is different. Many camera brands realized that vlogging is more and more popular as we speak, but the budget is an issue for most beginners. As the result, we have affordable devices, specifically designed for this purpose.

These vlogging cameras have low zoom capabilities, due to the fact zoom isn’t essential for vlogging. They are ideal when it comes to photo and video quality and they are loaded with countless, additional features. Still, they do come in different price ranges, something we will explain below.

Best vlogging camera under $100

The most common illusion when it comes to a vlogging camera under $100 is believing that you will either get an unknown brand name, poor quality or features which are not ideal even for tourists. Sadly, all of this was true at some point, but not anymore!

Today, even the biggest names in the industry, such as Sony and Nikon are making cameras within $100 price range, which are ideal for vlogging. That’s being said, it isn’t impossible to find a camera with a decent or even high-quality, all the features a vlogger may need and with even useful additions. As a matter of fact, there are plenty, but not too many models in this price range which are desirable.

The main, potential issue with a vlogging camera in this price range is the lack of image stabilization. While vlogging, chances are high that a vlogger will move, react with the environment, which can cause blurry videos. Not great! At the same time, this is the main difference between these cameras and more expensive ones. When it comes to pure video quality, don’t expect major differences. All of these cameras are based on the latest technology, therefore they do offer high performances and they are more than just decent for vloggers. Sensors these cameras have are usually higher than 15MP, so vloggers can get average results at any given moment. Practicality is on a high level as well. These models are small, compact, easy to use with a tripod and suitable for multiple applications.

Microphone system used to be poor-quality, but now it is a lot better. It still isn’t ideal as on more expensive models, but it is useful and no many vloggers have issues with factory mics. In addition, if you are feeling a need to improve the sound quality, there are additional components which will help you with that.

The bottom line here is in the fact a cheap vlogging camera from this price range is more than just ideal for beginners, for vloggers who are looking for an affordable alternative, but they still want decent results.

Recommended: Sony Cyber-Shot DSCW810 20.1MP Digital Camera

Yes, this is one of the most affordable cameras out there, but it is far from the simplest ones. First of all, it is the only camera in this price range which comes with image stabilization. Yes, there are two Nikon models equivalent to the DSCW810, but they don’t have the feature we have just mentioned. As such, they are not great for vloggers who want the best.

Other specifications are above average as well. The camera comes with 6X optical zoom, with superb 20.1 MP HAD CCD sensor and with the capability to record in 720p resolution! All of this made it a very popular and a desirable model. Additional features include party mode, which is impressive no less and a simplified menu. Of course, for vloggers this isn’t crucial feature, but it simply makes the things easier. Picture effects are available as well.

Panorama mode with 360-degree capability is implemented into a camera, alongside smile recognition algorithm. In a nutshell, this camera offers much better results than usual and it is the main reason why it is so desirable. Let’s not forget about high-quality materials, great controls, and convenient USB port.

Best vlogging camera under $200

A cheap vlogging camera from this price range is treated as a sweet choice. Basically here more professional features and specifications come to life and we can see more robust designs, which are similar to the ones on pro-cameras. But, the price is still lower than usual, which makes these cameras ideal for so many vloggers. In essence, they are not only great for beginners, but for intermediate vloggers as well. We would recommend them for vloggers who are looking for slightly better results than $100 cameras offer, but they still are affordable. In addition, vloggers who are looking for a secondary camera or for a short-time replacement unit will benefit from these models the most.

This is also a price range where front mics are available. For vlogging, these mics are the best. They are obviously located at the front, therefore they can literally ‘’catch’’ sounds and voice much better than those which are located at the back. Nevertheless, external mics are useful and highly desirable. They are suitable for a bit more demanding vloggers, different applications, where sound and different sound levels are important and for in the nature usages.

Lenses of 45 mm are the best. A good thing is a fact there are a lot of cameras within this price range with these lenses. As the end result, they offer the best field of view, the most suitable resolution and they are still relatively affordable.

One reason why these cameras are appealing is in the fact of their accessory-compatibility. Almost all of them are easy to pair with a tripod and due to their weight, they are easier to use while on a tripod. Generally speaking, a $200 good vlogging camera will meet the most expectations you may have on your mind. After all, it is perfectly balanced between the quality, performances and additional benefits. Still, they are not as sophisticated as more expensive models, but they are almost equal. For example, a brand new (latest model) from this price range will have identical or even better performances and features than a unit from a more expensive range. That’s why recommended models here are all based on the latest technology and all of them are developed by professionals.

Recommended: Fujifilm FinePix S8600 16 MP Digital Camera with 3.0-Inch LCD

It isn’t difficult to understand why this model is so desirable. First of all, it comes with 1/2.3in CCD sensor of 16MP. It provides above the average results in this class. But, the main advantage here is the FUJINON lens. Thanks to 36-times optical zoom, results are better than most cameras in this price range have to offer. In addition, recording videos in 720p is all possible.

Another interesting advantage is a 3-inch display. With 460k dots, it is more than just suitable for vloggers. Also, the camera uses 3xAA batteries which provide 250 hours of shooting time.

All combined, the S8600 won't disappoint vloggers who are recording their videos in a closed space or outdoors. Yes, the design looks massive, but it is actually very easy to use. The camera can be ready to be used within a couple of minutes, making it suitable for fast-action vloggers.

Basically, the Fujifilm FinePix S8600 is the best vlogging camera in this price range period. It is also considered as one of the more affordable units under $200, therefore it is a great value for money. It must be mentioned that the design is more professional than simple. It is robust, the camera is well-made and it is very compact to use. All of this made it out number one here.

Best vlogging camera under $300

$300 price range when it comes to vlogging cameras is truly an interesting ‘’place’’ to look for a new device. The main reason is in the advanced features, image quality and the design of the cameras. Yes, some units still have lack of external microphone port, but this is the same problem with even more expensive units.

Anyway, in this price range, vloggers can expect to get 1080p resolution, modern device with all the features needed and with something extra. An advantage can be seen in the fact some units are at the beginning of the price range, but they are still interesting. Of course, models of this kind are more focused on intermediate and professional vloggers. They provide much better results overall and they are capable of rough usages.

Another, interesting reason why these cameras are so appealing is the versatility. There are so many different models, with different designs, characteristics and with different options. While models from the previous price range almost look the same, here we can see cameras which borrow the design from more expensive unit, made by their manufacturers.

It is easy and a simple step to get the best camera for YouTube if you are ready for a camera of this price. Yes, they are far from very affordable cameras, but still, they are more than the just interesting alternative. Basically, vloggers get all the essentials, but nothing more. It is also expected that a vlogger with a camera of this price would be more focused on demanding applications, where powerful sensor, video resolution, and tripod-compatibility are mandatory.

Recommended: Canon VIXIA HF R72 Camcorder

Why is the Canon VIXIA HF R72 Camcorder on the list? Well, the design is optimized for those who are going to use this camera all the time. It is rough, robust and it looks better than any other model in this class. Of course, this is an individual matter, but nevertheless, all users are satisfied or even impressed with the looks of the device.

More interesting features start with SuperRange Optical Image Stabilizer and 57 times advanced zoom. The camera can record in 1080p, which is obvious and it has 32GB of internal memory, therefore it can store for 12 hours of recordings. A slot for a memory card is supported as well. The DIGIC DV 4 Image Processor is a state of the art and one of the best elements in this camera. Additionally, the resolution is kept at 1920 x 1080 pixels, thanks to the latest 3.28 MP, CMOS sensor. Despite the fact it looks low on MP, it is a high-end component, reserved and seen in some, even more, expensive models.

Another reason why vloggers like this camera is connectivity possibilities. Let’s just say that they come in great light. Wi-Fi and NFC are supported, making the camera to PC transfer easier than ever. It is also possible to transfer them to other devices which support NFC and obviously Wi-Fi. NFC system is specially developed for transferring large files. In order to work, two devices must have physical contact. Almost all smartphones of today support this method. If we take into account the quality, 3-inch touchscreen and mentioned features, this is a cheap vlogging camera capable of meeting the requirements of even more severe vloggers. The menu is easy to use and thanks to the sophisticated interface, looks great.


A vlogging camera is something special, developed and made for the special application. They do come in all, different sizes, shapes, with different features and obviously different prices, but at the end of a day, there are affordable models which are more than just great for all kind of vloggers. A few months ago, all of them were more expensive, which was an issue for beginners and amateur vloggers. Today, a cheap vlogging camera is capable of offering impressive performances all day long, without any issues or drawbacks which may cause loss of traffic!